Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, June 23, 2014

Very sick, but it was a really great week

I was sooo sick again last night and this morning. I´m probably losing a ton of weight here in Vallegrande, I think that the food here is really dangerous. I´m just constantly sick here. But it was a really great week. We worked a ton and met tons of new people. In the last two weeks we have found a total of 26 new investigators, meaning new people we met and taught a lesson, and then put a time for another appointment. That is a ton of new people by the way :D We were lacking a bit in people to teach so we put some goals to find new ones and have had tons of success. Well the difficult thing here is to find all these people again. The second lesson is sooooo hard, but if we get that, we for sure will be teaching them a lot. Working with just 3 or 4 is way too little for us here. The assistants hound us for lessons every week. We have to teach a ton :D

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