Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, June 2, 2014

Some other personal stuff...

That´s so crazy! I can´t believe Christian Hansen is back! haha that was so fast. Cara's going to chile no? Same place as lyndie! Lyndie is doing good by the way. We write each other every other week or so. :) It´s really fun to write lyndie, we have always been great friends and it's fun since we´re both on a mission right now :D

So we had an emergency transfer, elder cardenas was super sick here in the cold, and he left this last tuesday. My new companion is named Elder Illanes, and he is the best! So awesome. He´s from Bolivia, and we get along so well. I´ll have to send pictures next week.

Oh yes I´m learning lots of great things here hahaha Missionaries are way responsible, it´s a great opportunity for me to prepare to be frugal and smart with what I have :) 

(Josh said something about getting married when he gets home, so I asked him more about it):  Depends on what President Willard tells me as I go home, and what the Spirit says :) I´ll obey. But I think probably pretty fast actually... I´ve thought about it a few times and the thought actually scares me to death, but the counsel normally is that I do it, and yeah it´ll be hard for a while, but as long as I and my future companion are faithful to the Lord, we will be incredibly blessed! I know Dallin got married fast because that was the counsel he received. :D Obedience is key in the work of the Lord ;)

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