Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, January 12, 2015

Good morning!

Here was the highlight of our week! The other elders had a baptism too! So that was a great weekend! The other person, Jose Luis is going to be baptized I believe next week. His family were in ¨El Campo¨ which is like in the fields, and so we wanted to wait for his mom and brothers to be there.
oh mom lo siento! I´m sorry!! I didn´t hardly write you this weeek! Sorry :( Next week will be better. I love you so much though!! Have a wonderful week! :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

letter from Josh this week

This last Little while i´ve been contemplating a wonderful quote by President Thomas S. Monson. He said, ¨When you are on the Lord´s errand, you are entitled to His help.¨ The life of President Monson inspires me so much. He has truly lived such a prophetic promise. I have seen it as well here in Camiri, the área that I´m at. I´ve been here about 7 months now, and it has been a time of truly great change for me as a disciple of Christ. It has been where I´ve learned how to consecrate much more of myself to my Heavenly Father through the wonderful companions and opportunities i´ve had to serve others. I´ve seen so many miracles here. So many!!! For example, this next saturday we are planning on having as a district 3 baptisms of people that have truly been miracles. Our great challenge here was being on the Lord´s errand. All missionaries ´do´ missionary work. They all go out and teach and talk to people and eat weird food, but we don´t always act as the Lord´s disciples. Sometimes we forget. Or sometimes we spend all our time just wishing we were at home, or that the misión could be over, or whatever other thing. That was me for some time as a missionary. :) But then I slowly began to change. I began seeking to do the Lord´s will and He put people, and talks, and messages into my life to help me change. :) And then my heart started to change! Began to love the Lord more. To have greater desires to serve, to forget myself and not think about glory or titles or anything like that. I was so prideful. So selfish! Well I´m still not perfect but I can happily say that I´m not who I was. :) And then the miracles started to happen as I stopped wanting to serve myself and start looking outwards. Again, not perfect, but I have desires to be like my Savior, and like president Monson and all the other amazing men and women I´ve met in my life. As I started looking to be on the Lord´s errand, and not my own, that was when the lord started showing his incredible power.