Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, July 7, 2014

Love unlocks everything

 I did know that President Willard worked in the Church Educational System. He was a seminary and institute teacher first :) And he is sooooo cool. I think he´ll be a 70. ´He´s that good. I am learning to love everyone, that is so important in the work of the Lord. Love is the key that unlocks everything. Everything. It solves the biggest problems, and inspires people to overcome their own problems. It´s the only thing that gets unity going, and then there are miracles. The thing I´ve found that helps the branches and wards I´ve served is loving the people no matter what. That´s how you can change people more than anything, loving and trusting them. And telling them so. It makes people want to be better. And that´s the key! I´m actually considering study Theology... Or working for the church. I honestly love the work of the Lord so much. And the scriptures. I want to serve forever. :)

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