Baptism in Vallegrande

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A surprise baptism!

Happy Thankgiving I think! haha I´m not sure if that´s now or when, but President Willard said that it was!

So we had a suprise baptism this week!!! Luis, the older brother of Noé, just didn´t want to be baptized. He fought against it so much. hahaha we always asked him when he´d be baptized and always replied he didn´t want to. But when he went to the baptism of his little brother, he decided that he actually did want to be baptized!! We also actived his father, so we really saved the whole family :) So we were super happy!

And the father just got a calling as the secretary of the Elder´s Quorum. So we were really happy :)
We also went on Pday to this place called  ¨El Chorro¨ which means the stream. It was like a 3 hour hike there and back and it was really cool. It was up a canyon, so it was beautiful. And there was a tunnel.


Monday, November 10, 2014


The first is a picture of me for Cary, I´m holding a book of Mormon in Portuguese! We have one area in the mission that is in Brazil.

The second is of a baptism that we had last night, Aurora Lopez, the young lady in the middle. (but a baptism for the other elders)
And then we celebrated saturday night, it was the birthday of Elder Evans and the night of the baptism!
(About Mandy Bon's call to SLC Temple mission)
Wow that´s so cool! That´s a very unique mission! That´ll be so wonderful! I´m so happy for her. But now her family can´t go to Salt lake for a year and a half! :D
Next week we should have a baptism as well! We are activating a less active family, and the dad wants to baptize his son!  His name is Noé Poca. The book of mormon was what has activated him. He started reading and came back. it was wonderful to see.
(I told Josh I sang One Voice in RS Sunday with Tally and another older sister from our ward) 
One Voice...I ran into that song in the mission! I had it for a little while. It was a wonderful song. That´s great. It´s a beautiful song, and i don´t know the lady from the relief society but two other incredible voices were singing! So i know it was amazing :)
(Cary teased him about his grimy third-world country missionary apartment that reminded him of his own in Brazil)
hahaha thanks Cary :D haha but hey we clean every week!! But this house is a little bad. We are planning on painting it and buying totally new desks and everything. Wowowo ok times up!! I love you tons mom! Have a great week! :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Josh's emails from 11/3/14

Haha daylight savings doesn´t exist here! It´s always the same.

(We're sending off our Christmas letters to Josh this week, and the boys wanted to send Josh a pop in a package) haha I know it! i´m already writing your christmas letters as well! haha and i don´t think a soda would make it. don´t send one!! :D ... well I´ll think. I´m not sure. :D Glad to hear you all prayed together in the morning! I know we never did because I was already up and going at 6 :D (no one wanted to wake up with me!)

I got a package today! I haven´t opened it yet..  But I did read a card I got from Grandma KK, it was wonderful! Tell her I love her so much and thank you!

I'm having a wonderful week! Why? Oh every week is wonderful in the mission. :D That´s why. However, we are making miracles here in Camiri. The work is going along very well, and we are reaching new limits! I am a very very happy district leader :) There are no problems here. Just miracles and helping people change and love the gospel.

Ahh I love Grandma and Papa so much! :) They´re the best. :) I will honor their sacrifices for me by working as hard as I can. Just so you know, all of my kids are going to go on missions!!!! Every one of them! hahaha I will talk about my mission always. All the time. They won´t know a world that exists where people don´t go on missions. And I´m going to go and serve with my wife someday. We are going to be a mission serving family! There truly isn´t a greater blessing in all the world. My kids are going to share books of mormon and baptism invitacions, and pamphlets,  the first day they go to school!! hahahaha :D

My packages come in the mail. I´m always receiving stuff. :D I´m very loved. :) But yeah halloween almost doesn´t exist here! It´s all about the 1st and 2nd. And it´s all the catholic people. The graveyard was sooooooooo full of people it was totally crazy. But we went and shared like 50 pamphlets of the plan of salvation with people :D Day of the soul they say. It´s full of horrible traditions that blind people from the truth...

Wow!!! Dallin is a dad! That´s so crazy!! How exciting for him and Stormy. i hope everything is going well for them  :)

Speaking of Christmas gifts... The most wonderful things in the whole world I could receive are these emails, hand written letters, music from the Tabernacle Choir, and Old Ensigns!!!! the old ensigns are absolute treasures. I don´t know if you´d still have some, but the older the better. Especially the general conference ones. If you have one with Neal A. Maxwell, or Joseph B. Wirthlin please send one!!! Joseph B. Wirthlin is my favorite of all time :) His talks just make me love life. :) But times up! Love you!!!!! :)