Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, June 16, 2014

Many people here cannot read

My week was really good! We saved a family this week! A family of three that were less actives. They have been coming to church three months straight now! Since I got here we started working with them, and the father, named Limber, finally got a calling as the second counselor of the Elder´s Quorum. He is so excited to work to do activities (soccer), he´s been a huge blessing for us here. So we had a really good week :)

He wants to get the youth activated more than anything! The interesting thing here is that the kids and the youth of my generation are educated pretty well, but so many parents and grandparents here can't even read. It is a bit dificult sometimes to share the Book of Mormon when no one can even read it! Yeah just contacting works the best here, knocking doors :D

It is crazy - 8 months. Time flies!! Have a great week! :)

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