Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, June 2, 2014

Spiritual Thought of the Week

Here´s the spiritual thought for the week :) also to understand, Tally
gave me a story about how our life is like a car ride where we are in
the passenger seat, the Savior drives.
I think the Savior is teaching me some things. haha not just some
things, exactly the things that I need. I´m starting to realize that
really I´m the investigator here, and Heavenly Father is the master
teacher, teaching me the perfect things I need in my life to be
converted. Giving me companions that show me who I need to become, and
molding me in exactly the way I need. I think of all the faults that I
have, and then see the challenge or blessing God is giving me to
change :) It´s quite amazing. I haven´t really been discouraged, but
thank you so much for the words of courage :) I´ve just been
reflecting a lot on the experiences that I´m having so that I can
change. That´s my ultimate goal, that I can always remain faithful and
happy during whatever challenge that comes my way, and follow the
Lords will in whatever He has planned for me. Heavenly Father is the
best! He loves us so much he kicks our butt so that we can be happy
and strong :D I know I´m being prepared by the Lord for future
service, so I´m happy :) But something that is amazing, is that really
i´ve been seeing so many miracles here. I forgot to mention that last
week haha but really it´s true. So many people are accepting the
Gospel here that I never thought would. Its so beautiful! I have such
faith that really the Lord does His work. We just invite the Spirit
through our obedience and love :) If the Lord doesn´t want me to have
three hundred baptisms, then ok! haha Each and every one of us has a
part to plan in the great plan of Salvation. God calls us to do His
work, it isnt ours. We just go for the ride like you said :) And we
get to decide how enjoyable of a journey it was; did we play games?
Did we laugh together? Did we share the Gospel and Love? That´s what´s
important, and we´ll end up doing exactly what God had planned for us.

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