Baptism in Vallegrande

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fwd: From Josh 3/31/14

Ok so lots changed this week! We had our transfers, and I got transfered. I'm now serving in a little city called Vallegrande. Hahaha very little, there are only 4 missionaries in our area, and we don't belong to a zone because we are so far away. Its about 5 hours from Santa Cruz. I'm serving with Elder Burrola, who is from San Diego. He's the zone/district leader and has been in the mission 15 months. And we are way excited to work. we're ready to go and change all of vallegrande! This last sunday there were a whopping 30 people in the sacrement meeting; we're serving in just a branch. haha the people there are so awesome though. The Lord is really preparing the people there to receive the gospel. haha i keep saying there because we came back to santa cruz today for a leadership training, im only here because my companion is like a zone leader :D Vallegrande is sooooooooooooooo beautiful! I already know it will be my favorite area. It looks like it could be a little town in Italy or something. The weather is like Idaho, just so perfect, and its cold sometimes!! So I'm just way excited, and in our three days, Elder Burrola and I have had a ton of success. We're working our butts off to make miracles happen :)

Tonight and tomorrow morning is the leadership training, normally i wouldnt get to go, but elder burrola talked to President and I think I'll get to go in :) No I wasn't too suprised, we were told this was the cambio of all cambios. (cambio means change in spanish and is also what we say for transfers) I will take tons of pictures of Vallegrande, and send one of my companion next week :)

Well I met a whole bunch of new people this week... tons of them. Well there is this kid named Javet, he is the ward mission leader in a city called Vallegrande, and he's 21 years old. He is about one of the coolest guys. He's a recent convert of about one year, and is just amazing. His testimony is so strong, and he had no fear to share the gospel with all the people that he knows. 

That's what they do all day everyday (taxis back and forth from Vallegrande to Santa Cruz). haha its a shuttle system but yeah, it was expensive. :D

So here was one great thing I learned from Elder Grow last week. He has 8 children, and all are married in the temple. He said that the key was that they always put the Lord first in their lives. They always got up early in the morning to read scriptures and pray together, before all the things of the world got in the way. I want more than anything to raise a family like that :) So that's a goal for my future family, that we'll always put the Lord as the most important thing in our lives. And That is my challenge for you guys right now. :) Study Preach my Gospel together, and the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and pray together as a family every morning. :)

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