Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, March 24, 2014


Time sure is flying right by, no? It finally got just a little bit cold this week here! :D Our companions from south america were just freezing every morning, and me and Elder Roberts were totally fine :D it was probably only like 50 or 60 degrees but for here that's kinda cold haha.

Well this week at church was good. We always arrive to the chapel a bit early to greet all the people as they come into the church. This week in particular we sang a song as missionaries :D haha 158 trabajemos en la obra in Spanish but i can´t remember what in English :D haha sorry. (note from mom: I looked it up and it is, Let Us All Press On (in the work of the Lord), but it took me some serious research to figure it out because the Spanish Translation is way different (Work Today In The Work - which barely makes sense in English. Hahahaha!) Then after sacrament is over we go to the Gospel Principles class with all the new members and recent converts and investigators. We usually do a lot of the teaching in that class :D haha We have a teacher, but he really likes to rely on us for some of the finer details haha. And in Gospel Doctrine its a ton. Then we go to the elders quorum. We also talk to tons and tons of members. We are so busy at church. But that´s a good thing :) every third Sunday of the month here is a sacrament meeting dedicated to the work of salvation. So we will talk in those occasionally. Our ward here in Antofagasta has about 150-190 people every week. Its one of the bigger wards here. Buuuuuuut when sacrament starts there are like 40 or 50 people at the church.... Things start like an hour late here. haha its crazy. But our bishop is determined to change the members! haha This ward is super great :)

There are tons and tons of sister missionaries who are the same age as me. It´s so different, Cary always said the sister missionaries were not the prettiest, but pucha the ones here sure are. (note from mom: I translated pucha, and it translates to heck) :D Tons of them are super pretty. haha buuuuuuuut you should read the talk ¨lock your heart¨ by pres. Spencer W. Kimball. He talks about our mission experience and how we should interact with people of the opposite sex. He thought that marrying anyone you met in your mission is a bad mark on your time spent in the mission. Have a great week!

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