Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, April 21, 2014


It´s truly quite amazing how the Spirit works in our lives :) I´ve had so many experiences with the conferences with my mission president where I felt prompted to talk about or study a particular topic of the Gospel, and it ends up being the same as others. It´s truly a testimony to me that God really does guide us where He wants to be, granted we are willing to listen :) 

One of my more recent goals is that I can say a prayer right before every lesson I have, so that I will rely on t he Lord that He will fill my mouth with the words I need. If we don´t rely on the Lord for our teachings, we aren´t really helping our investigators, because with the Spirit, He will give us the very things we need to teach or ask! I´ve seen the most remarkable things happen as my companion and I  have relied on the Spirit to help those we teach :) I´ve received new ideas, completely unrelated things that they have needed, and been guided with every word. It´s so cool. :) 
I wish so badly for the love that our Heavenly Father has for each of us. I really thought about our Savior´s role as our older brother. I realized that I can really relate because of the love I have for Wade and Mckade. I would do anything to help them understand the importance of the Gospel, to really learn to love our Heavenly Father. Anything. I´ve always felt such a great responsibility to watch out for them physically an d spiritually, I can only imagine how our Savior feels, as he is the oldest brother of billions! I´m sure that helped Him as He atoned for us.. I can´t wait for the day when I can talk to Him again, and see His smile and feel the love and comfort of His arms around me :) I know He loves me so much. :) 

I really love the theme for the youth this year, moroni 10:32. Really that is the purpose of our mortal journey! The way we can be truly happy! When we built upon ´the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ,´ I know that, ¨we shall not fall!¨

We´re are all counseled as missionaries to primarily use the BoM as our primary teaching tool, as it teaches the divine, simple and restored truths of the Gospel. I just love it! I learn so many things from it, and I´ve really come to realize that every single sentence of that book is revelation. It is the best guide we have to come closer to our Heavenly Father like Joseph Smith said. :) 

Vallegrande is just amazing! I love it so much. The weather is great, in the winter, sometimes it snows here! And i´ll be here for that! The ward is great right now, it´s really suffered some challenges the past years, but i´m very lucky to be here in a time where they are finally finding some stability. The people are great though. It´s actually freezing here today! I could barely sleep for the cold. I´m way glad I bought those thermals! I´m wearing them right now :D

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