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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A great birthday

It was a great birthday. Our Pension made a wonderful Lemon Marange Pie! It was super good :) and we also ate some delicious fried chicken in the night, but my best present was surely general conference! Wooo it was the best. But I felt utterly selfish receiving things as a missionary.. I felt bad. :D So I decided to give Heavenly Father a birthday present for my birthday! I went to Him in prayer and made a promise with Him. But if sufficeth me to say that I wanted to give for my birthday and not receive so much :) Oooh those were all great talks :) My top three were, Pres. Uchtdorf, about revelation and light, Elder Lynn G. Robbins about not fearing man but fearing God, and Elder D. Todd Christofferson about the commandments. ahhh they changed me forever :) I´m ready to go and call people to repentance! haha :) My conviction and conversion of the Gospel was greatly deepened. And to me, that´s the most important thing in all the world. I want so badly to be able to, through my conviction, help others feel the joy of the gospel. I want to be able to speak from the fire of my soul every time I speak of the gospel. I want others to feel that fire!
So here is my experience with conference!
Well we had a good week here in Camiri. Well there was a big festival here during the conference, so there was music blasting all our the church but we had a wonderful spiritual experience. It was incredible because we hardly even heard anything! The attendance was a bit downheartening, but I know the conference changed the lives of those who heard it and payed attention. It changed my life! Of all the talks that impacted me the most were the talks by Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Presidency of the Seventy, and Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. I loved especially that Elder Christofferson said that the commandments are the greatest manifestation of the love that God has for us, that God is no respector of persons, and that we as children of God have the capability to become who we choose. Our decisions, and desires I would add, determine our destiny. I felt my testimony strengthened to a new level in this conference, to the point where I can now call people to repentance without fear. The commandments are for all. We are not, and never will be an exception to the law of God. They apply to all of us, and they are absolute. Obeying the will of our Heavenly Father is the only way to true and lasting happiness and peace. If I teach the commandments any less then they truly are, I am falling into apostasy and teaching others false doctrine. The same goes for the requirements of baptism. We can´t baptise people before they are ready and have manifested by their works their desires to be baptized, or they will surely fall away. My expectations for me, and my investigators has gone way up since the conference.
We have to use the internet to get conference. I think BYU tv is only in utah and idaho :D haha. But yes, I wish that I could help everyone understand the importance of the church. People just don´t grasp it sometimes.... Your Salvation is on the line! ahhhhhh That goes for everyone. Every single day we must choose to travel closer to our salvation. read Alma 34:31-32 for more references. Exaltation is a daily choice.
So this week I think the theme is, ´Put your shoulder to the wheel¨ Sometimes you just have to work, and work and work a little more. That would be missionary work! So at this moment, I am training a new missionary, and the other day he told me, ¨We never rest. Do we?!¨ haha it´s a bit transition from home to the mission field. There isn´t time to take a breather. :) But I wouldn´t have it any other way. There is no work so fulfilling as being a missionary. I could be a missionary forever I think and be happy. :) Time just seems to fly by so fast for me as a missionary. I can´t believe i´m about to finish a whole year as a missionary! That´s just crazy to me. And it makes me realize I have to work a lot harder in the next year. I don´t have a minute to waste. No one does really. ahhhh but really I just love the Gospel. Why do I have to do anything different??
I was quite productive today, I wrote everyone!! haha but now my times up.

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