Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, September 29, 2014

Our priorities in life

Here is a picture with me, Elder Peña and President and Sister Willard!

And a picture of the Familia Jaro. They have been waiting almost 8 years to get baptized due to problems with their papers and birth documents and stuff like that, it´s just a terror here in Bolivia this kind of thing, but we are going to baptize them soon!!! They are so great :) (so their problem is that they can´t get legally married.) 

haha in photos they don´t smile. They are a pretty happy people. Just not for photos - it is a cultural thing. :D They´re people just like us. Just little cultural differences. 

My companion is the same age as Wade. April of 1996. Wade can, and should be a missionary. Elder Peña is great. He is already a great great teacher and so excited to work. No 18 year old has the excuse of saying that he doesn´t think he´s ready. I have seen otherwise. :)

The best ways to relieve stress in our lives is to apply the principles of the Gospel in your life. Would you say that God and the Gospel are number 1 in your life right now? Because when they are, the Prophets and Apostles have promised us that the unneeded things will just start to drop out. We always have to keep the end in mind. What are we doing right now to secure our spot in the Celestial Kingdom. Are we investing in heavenly, or earthly things? Alma 34 would be a good chapter perhaps to study :) ¨Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and the rest shall be added.¨Just trust in the Lord. Ask from Him what HE wants in your life, and then follow it. :) I know that so much stress is NOT a good thing. It will only make things harder. I´ve learned that one! I´ve lost almost all my stress since I started my mission.

I starting serving the lord with all my heart and he took from me the things I didn´t need :) I certainty can´t tell what you should do, but I can strongly urge you to use the right principles! :) That´s the key to all our problems. This did just come to mind though. The priorities in life should be set up in this way. 1. The Lord 2. Our spouse 3. Our family 4. whatever is left. Have a good week. :)

Elder Evenson

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