Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, October 20, 2014

Personal revelation and breaking limits

Well my week was quite good. I learned a lot about personal revelation and breaking limits. And also training a new missionary is sometimes like an emotional rollercoaster. haha. I did learn quite a lot. We had 8 investigators at church this week, two families! I just know that we are going to baptize them! We will do it! The Lord will help us! ( I need to be positive :) ) Also, I am realizing that really we are working miracles here in camiri. Many times I feel inadecuate or that my strength just isnt good enough, or that I´m not really making a difference, but I realized that really we are. Even if they are just small changes, ( or kinda big, since I got here the branch has increased from about 90-100 people to 130-140. 75 were attending 6 months ago.) That´s a big change for a little branch. We just have to have a bit a patience at times. And trust that we are doing the Lord´s work. The thing I always feel, is that I could do even more! And that´s what gets me at times.

Wow how exciting for Mandy (Bon - put her papers in for a mission)!!! That´s so cool. Tell her to study Preach My Gospel Chapter 3 from me :) That would be my best advice. And to prepare to work her butt off!!! hahaha personal time doesn´t exist as a missionary :D and also very interesting about President Smith. I didn´t know that. Elder Waddell, one of the seventy in charge of our area, said that he only SAW 2 baptizms his whole mission. It really isn´t about baptizing, it´s about forming our own character, converting our own soul. Of course baptizing is the goal and very important, and I have plans to do my best to help others be baptized. I just need to work hard and learn to love to do it. Really I do love being a missionary. I just need to change little things about me and my way of thinking is all. :)

Picture time!
Picture titles: ¨3 generations¨ and "Do it"  
The first is an inspirational sticky note on my wall, and the second is me and my trainer, with my trainee! 
This is my desk. Many inspirational sticky notes and goals, and other wonderful things to study.


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