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Monday, September 15, 2014

trainer and zone/district leader all at once!

 I´ve got some cool news for you guys this week :)
Well if I can get my connector to work i´ll send a picture, but I have a new companion! His name is Elder Peña, from Lima, Peru. He has a total of 4 days in the misión now, so I´m training! Haha it´s a big responsibility; the new missionaries don´t know anything! :D hmm looks like I can´t send a picture this week. I am still in Camiri and all the missionaries are new, except for me. Two new missionaries, and the other trainer only has 4 months in the mission. Soooo that also means that here I am the district/zone leader of Camiri. That is also a huge responsibility! haha I have to manange all the money and all the problems and do all the training hahaha I was so stressed out the first couple days :D But I´m better now. So I´ll now get to go to all the leadership conferences with President (way excited for that!) So for me I´m just working my tail off everyday. Being a trainer is really different as well because you have to take everything at a different pace or level for the new missionaries. They are so full of faith! :D But we are also finding a ton of families to teach here as well. We are being so very blessed. :)
Ahh I know how you feel though Mom. :D I don´t have a minute of personal time anymore. I used to be able to study Liahonas or the scriptures or write more in my journal or maybe cook something, but now I have nada. haha I´m just working and working and working. However I´m really happy :) I know there isn´t a better work in the world!
Also if you could send this to the Lerwills for me: I met an Elder named Elder Peterson who got here this last week, and just happens to be from Driggs! He said that Bailey was his seminary mom :) He seemed pretty excited to be here! I don´t remember where he went though. The LDS world is pretty small! :D haha
Yes, we went to Santa Cruz for the new transfers and to pick up our new companions! It was a fairly large group, 27 new missionaries. We had a big meeting where we were introduced to our new companions. I found a moment to talk with him because he was the only Elder from Idaho :D
I´ll do my best. I sure am learning a lot! :) But I keep getting your emails late! I just got this one from 45 minutes ago! And I´m out of time :( I love you so much, write me a bunch before I get on! Love you!

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