Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, March 17, 2014


P day is today so we´re going to practice a special musical number for a conference with Elder Grow from the 70 this week. After that play soccer!!!! I´m so excited. I just love it! after that I need a haircut. My hair is way too long. haha And yes, I write in my journal almost every night. I write tons. I'm actually writing in two separate journals now, one for the day to day activities and one for spiritual thoughts and experiences. Today the weather is a bit rainy, but usually its just scorching hot. So that´s fun. Well there are always hundreds of dogs and cats. Mostly dogs. They´ll fight in the streets all the time. Oh yeah I got bit by one too last week, just a little though because I reacted really fast and the dog only clipped my ankle. I hate the dogs here. That was the third one in the past week that has tried though. There are lots of cool lizards here; the ones who run on their back legs really really fast and can run on water. I´ll find geckos on the walls inside the house from time to time. And there are always new insects. There are just the weirdest bugs here.

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