Baptism in Vallegrande

Friday, March 7, 2014


Elder Evenson,

Here is a little memory: President Evans set you apart on October 7th as a missionary. Wade was your companion until you left, and slept in your bedroom with you that night. :) Good memories!

I wrote down a few things I could remember that President Evans blessed you with. Thought you'd like to hear them again:
  1. He blessed you with safety and awareness of your surroundings.
  2. He blessed you with the ability to learn the language.
  3. He blessed you to be aware of your body, to eat right, get exercise, and be healthy.
  4. He blessed your family to share in the blessings of your mission.
I know there was more, and I wish I had written it all down. Love you kiddo. Can't wait to "chat" with you Monday morning. I really missed you this week. 

love, mom


  1. hi josh! This is coltin . How is the best little nephew missionary in the world? i have been very busy (of course not as busy as you!) and looking for jobs to do when i'm 14 to make some cash. we have a new missionary in the ward that to me only kinda looks like you and once in a week where i was really missing you i called him elder evenson ! well,i'm really missing you elder.

    love,uncle coltin ; )

  2. Dear Joshua,
    Life is exciting here with changes for our business. Our office coordinator, who has worked for us for 8 years gave her notice. She has long dreamed of moving near her only two children in Oregon. She gets to do that now so we are happy for her and sad for us. We are going to help her move as much as we can. I felt the spirit tell me the other day to give her a beautiful picture having to do with hope in Christ and told her that I thought of her when I saw it because of our shared love of the Savior. It was a page out of the Ensign. It's hard to share the Gospel with someone that works for you but we did share our love of the Savior through the years. Lots of Love coming your way, G'ma Kk