Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, February 10, 2014


Here is us at the baptizm!! We baptized la hermana Maria Mosa. She´s an older lady who was an investigator of gold! We met her the very first day we were here in this new area, and she accepted the gospel so fast. Really goes to show you that the people are out there, just waiting to receive the truth. That´s why missionary work is so important!! We are in charge of finding those people prepared by the Lord. The baptizm was so cool. The spirit was incredible. Everyone was so happy. :)

Yup I got to perform it! :) She is pretty sweet. Very very quiet. Like she never had questions. Ever. So we aren´t exactly sure how she decided to be baptized :D haha she just hardly ever talks. I guess she asked me. She told the elder who interviewed her. It was really cool though :)

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