Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, February 10, 2014


Mom: The ground looks dry. Hasn't it been raining a bunch?

Elder Evenson: Well it always gets really hot afterwards :D so it drys a bit. It isn´t always pouring rain, but it has rained every single day the last month. If only a little bit. Yeah she has lots of family. Everyone here does. But we only can ever meet with just a person or two in every house. Families here all live together.

Mom: Why can you only meet with just a person or two in every house? Are they never all home at the same time? Is that so they can stand living with each other? Who is feeding you now? 

Elder Evenson: Because not everyone wants to listen. They figure the visits are only for one person haha not sure it's tough here though. And yeah that's a part, different people are there at different times. Haha people here are just more patient and loving in their family. They have always been together, they don´t know any different. It's just the culture. And we have a member feeding us, and the food is super good :)

Mom: Have you enjoyed living with another companionship? Will that be the same after you get your new companion?

Elder Evenson: We don´t know...Everything could change or not. If I stay in this area, then yes. It´s been super fun. I like it a lot, but there are times that it´s a bit distracting, but most of the time its really good. I like it personally :)

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  1. Dear Joshua,
    It is so wonderful to have this blog to follow your journey on your mission. I love to feel of your enthusiasm to do the work. You are a mighty man of service :). I was so excited to hear of your first baptism. To see her countenance change as she received Christ as her savior and accepted the gospel of peace. The Gospel changes lives. It's wonderful to see. I have to ask about the worm photo... tell me more! Soccer- we will have to add that to the family reunion. We were praying for you once a day and Coltin insisted that we do it every family prayer. Lot's of love coming your way! G'Ma Kk