Baptism in Vallegrande

Friday, November 1, 2013


Hey!! Sorry I couldn't email you on Wednesday, the schedule is crazy here! Sorry for the grammar as well, the keyboards are in spanish and so some things are difficult to do. My flight went really well! We woke up at 3 in the morning to catch our flight, and then didnt get to the MTC until 10 that night. It was a long day. I have a new companion whos name is Elder Fruehan. No new calling, but the new district leader is awesome. His name is Elder Gallagher, and he is the coolest. Hes from California, like the bang up, gangster, shoot it up kinda place. And that was what he was like. Hes overcome soo much to get here, and you can really tell. He is so cool. Columbia is absolutely gorgeous. I love it sooo much. The weather is just fantastic, and it is unreal pretty. The MTC is way smaller. Probably like an eighth of Provo. Haha you get to know everyone! :D The Spanish is coming along fine I think. Although I know that I have no idea whats going on once I get to Bolivia. I just love it here. The food is great too. So much better than at Provo.
So I already placed a Book of Mormon!! On the very first saturday we were here they sent us out tracting on the streets. Elder Fruehan and I went out and talked to people, said hello, shared our message a few times, and one lady wanted a BoM! We bore our testimony to her, and I could feel the Spirit so strongly. It was awesome. We got her contact info and stuff and sent it to the missionaries so I really hope they can get to her!

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