Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd emails between Josh and me

So,  I've kept track and I believe you've had 8 baptisms now. Six since Christmas!  What changed since Christmas, do you think? 

Oh good! Well actually 9! 7 since christmas :) the week after I left camiri another person got baptized that I taught. What has changed? My faith. Before I had a hard time believing that I actually could baptize.. But then that changed. There in Camiri I received the faith that I needed to go out and do miracles. I now strongly believe and know that there are many many prepared people just waiting to be baptized. That was all that changed :) When my mind changed then my work changed and everything changed. 

The things that I havent been sharing as much are the reactivated families. I think that Ive reactivated about 25 or 30 people as well. Those count the same as a baptism in mission work now

Good thing I have until November right?? I have a ton of more people to help!

So this week I have gotten to learn a lot more about reaching out to the one. This is the of the most unique aspects of our Savior Jesus Christ. He came to save the world, but always made the time to change the lives of individuals through loving and caring, personal acts. My companion is struggling right now, he's newer here and is still adjusting to everything, and so I've had wonderful opportunity to see others reach out to him to help and strengthen him. haha I strive everyday to help him, but sometimes when you're with someone 24/7 they start to ignore you. haha ah so that's been a trial for me. But I, and he, have been greatly blessed as some of the leaders of the church here have lovingly reached out to Elder Jones to lift and inspire him to greater things. They didn't need to take the time to go and sit by him and give him advice and talk to him and get to know him, but they did. Even  though no one asked them to, and it really isn't their responsibility. They were just acting as disciples of Christ. I love a scripture in Luke 22:32 that says something like, "When you are converted, strengthen your brethen." One small and seemingly insignificant act really can change the life of someone suffering or struggling with some inward battle. Reaching out to others can often be scary, I know, but it can make all the difference. I've been greatly strengthen in such moments as I've offered a small prayer in my heart for courage, and then opened my mouth. I've seen miracles happen! The Lord always helps us to have the courage to reach out and bless His other children. I love the Gospel. I know it's true. And I love my Heavenly Father.

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