Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, April 13, 2015

bautismo y si confirmado

I have some new news for you. First off, I´ve got a new companion. His name is Elder Marcely, he is from El Salvador, the only elder in the mission from there. He´s got about the same time as me as a missionary.He´s awesome. he´s a spirit akin to Coltin. I´ve had a few of those as companions. :)

But the good news is that we had a baptize and confirmation saturday and sunday :) It was a real miracle. We had a miracle baptism this week. Limberg Añez. He was an investigador that we had actually baptized the14 of february, but he never showed up for his confirmation. One whole month passed that we didn´t see them, but we never ever gave up in looking for him. We found them again and yesterday was confirmed! We believe he had a problem with the law of chastity, and just ran away, but now everything is good. It was a true miracle. Elder Marcely confirmed him, and we both felt the Holy Spirit of Promise confirm to us that the ordenance was confirmed in heaven.

Do I look really skinny in my pictures? Everyone here is telling me that just in the last week I lost a ton of weight, and so I´m kind of worried. My sicknesses haven´t completely left, and I´m not sure what to do.

It´s been another rough week, but we did have a baptism! So that´s good. My sickness just isn´t going away though. It´s rough just to get from one place to the next. Buuuuutttt I have to work!!! I´ve only got a short time left, and I need to use it best as I can! There are miracles to be made! I just love being a missionary. There is no greater love I have than teaching the gospel. I feel such power and energy running through my body as I testify of the truth and teach the gospel! I wish I could just be a gospel teacher all my life :) Maybe I´ll study theology! Honestly if I could, I would make the church my whole life. That´s why I´d love to be a seminary teacher. I love being a missionary, but i only get 2 years to do that. :) I know that it is only by truly living the gospel that we can overcome all things. My family will be a gospel centered family, where the gospel is taught all week long, not just on sunday! That doesn´t work. I´ve seen hundreds of times here in bolivia how that does not work out! The Gospel must be everything! We must love God above all things. That´s the first commandment, and the most difficult, but it´s the secret to all success and happiness in this life. :)

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