Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, August 25, 2014

rooster carriers and geckos

Hey Mom good morning! How was your week?? So to start off, I have two questions for you Mom, one; did Wade take the missionary discussions to get baptized? And how did you get reactived after leaving for so long?

So some exciting news for this week, here in Camiri we had a baptism! It wasn´t ours, but its the first one here since April. It was a really sweet experience, and the young man who was baptized was so prepared. His name is Simón José. He´s pretty timid and shy, but a great person and will be a great leader one day. I sure do love baptisms :)

I thought you all might get a kick out of this picture. Who knows why someone would invent a rooster carrier but there it is! :D
And here is me with a gecko on my face :)
And my pet cactus!
Geez I really don´t have many good pictures sorry :D 

Here was me with the Branch President from Vallegrande, President Tito. They were our family that fed us everyday there :)

hahaha and this was me and Elder Illanes in a huge tree. I liked these photos :D

These are all old by the way. :) And one more of Vallegrande.

​Haha that´s good Wade took the lessons. I wondered :D I never knew that every convert had to take the lessons from the missionaries. Thanks for sharing with me! What´s great about your story is that that process is exactly the one we have started to use with all members who are returning and the new converts. What a great testimony builder for the process :) 

As for breakfast, I eat cereal everyday. :) I now cannot live without eating breakfast. It ruins my whole day; i´m just without energy at all! At the beginning of the mission I eat eggs, and oatmeal, and occasionally had something different, but now it´s just cereal. I love cereal :D Before I didn´t like cereal all that much but it´s the best. As for dinner, depends. Sometimes we eat Ramen, or bread, or fried chicken. I love fried chicken. That´s the fast food of Bolivia. Fried Chicken with french fries and rice. It´s the best :D hahaha but dinner isn´t really important in South America. It´s all about lunch! :D

Simón is the guy right next to me in all white clothing. Half were the family of Simón, and the other half members. haha I don´t really feel tall, I just don´t feel short anymore! :D Well with the funds of the mission we pay a family to make lunch for us everyday. And I have to believe that yes, it does help the families, but it´s our spirit there that helps them the most. :) At least, that´s what they always say :) 

I´m starting to gain weight here. We get absolutely stuffed everyday for lunch. I´m just dying after eating.haha I was losing most of my weight in Vallegrande because I kept getting sick. The food there was not super clean I don´t think. 

Far left, companion. For laundry, I always take it to some sister to clean :D haha There are always members who will do it :) Some we pay, others no. The missionaries are well loved :)

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