Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, August 4, 2014

Learning about competitiveness

So I´m just in love with soccer. It´s so much fun. Every Pday we go and play, today included. Why didn´t I stick with it as a kid??? haha all´s well though. I´ve also started learning very well how to handle my competitiveness. :) I worked so hard with it before the mission, but it´s still been something i´ve had to work on here. When there is competition, there is pride. So i´m learning how to just play hard, have fun, and be happy. The most important thing really is the relationship that you can make with other people. :) Competitiveness has been so hard. aaaaaaahhhh. :D But i´m trying hard. I´m so hard headed sometimes. haha I hope that I am a different person by the end. That when you guys see me in the future, that I will have gotten rid of many of bad qualities and replaced them with more love, and dedication, and faith. I truly want to serve the Lord with my heart, and that requires that I give to Him all I can, and that I make myself into a worthy servant for Him. Thankfully His servants are wonderful people full of love and service so that´s what I am striving to become. :) I love this Gospel with all my heart. I know that my decisión to be disciple of Christ is not one of only two years, but of a lifetime; of an eternity. Love you all lots, and hope that you pray every day, read scriptures every day, and rededicate your lives, Every day to the Lord. I hope that I will too :) haha Until next week!!
Elder Evenson 

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