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Monday, July 21, 2014

Brazil and Bible bashing

My week was really good. I love this área, Camiri. It´s just a peaceful Little town like where we live :) And it´s so beautiful. We did have one experience that was pretty interesting though; one of our investigators scheduled for us, and another missionary from the Church of God to come to his house at the same time, and we, the three missionaries had no idea. So we all ended up there and had a very interesting lesson. :D We started and just shared about the Restoration; mostly the Book of Mormon and the Bible. After we finished talking, this other missionary pulled out his nifty laptop and just started Bible bashing us like crazy. It was kinda horrible. He tried so hard to try and disprove us with whatever thing he could. It was honestly a little sad to see a servant of the Lord act in such a way; completely without love. It woke me up a little and I prayed that the Spirit would help us. For both me and my companion, it was interesting, because we felt nothing but love for the other missionary and our investigator. We bore our testimonies of how we can pray and ask God what is true, and that we knew our message was true. I felt the Spirit testify very strongly, but it was only when we felt love for our enemies. I was really happy because we weren´t confounded before the doctrines of men, and the Spirit really did give us the words we needed. By the end of the lesson, the other missionary couldn´t counter us anymore; he ended up confounded :) It was certainly an experience I´ll never forget. :) I learned a ton!

I do want to tell you as well, I feel completely fluent in Spanish now! I don´t have any problems understanding or speaking. I still have a bit of an accent, but i´m working to get rid of it! I really love Spanish. I know I wasn´t thrilled at first, but now I really enjoy speaking and even writing it. I´m writing in my journal now in Spanish to practice my grammar. I'm so happy Heavenly Father gave me the chance to speak another language, and I´m thinking on starting to tackle learning Portuguese :) We have a zone in the mission that is in Brazil!

 I´ve really found the Book of Mormon gets better every time we read it! :) I´m Reading it in English and in Spanish right now, and it´s so good! I have to read slowly now so I can mark all the interesting things I find :D I love it more and more each time I read. I just finished Reading Mosiah 1-6 the last couple days, and it´s soooooooooo good :) The Book of Mormon is the best. It helps us feel the Spirit so much in our lives.
And I just got your last email within a minute! haha but I live in a two story building, on the second floor, us four missionaries live together. It´s really good. I just love Camiri. It´s so great here :)

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