Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, January 27, 2014

Elder Corrales is blocked by...a drunk man...

I´m trying to figure out how to send them better. This email is hard to use stuff like this. I think I sent a different one to you. And a couple blanks sorry :D But this week was good. Better. We worked really hard. Had way more lessons this week so thats good. Nothing really new. I was sick yesterday and still feel a bit sick.

Ok I think i have it figured out! lol this picture was hilarious. There was this drunk guy sleeping in front of the atm, and that was the only place we could take out money, so we had to get in. We shook the guy a bit, and tried to wake him up, but that didn´t work out, so I just grabbed his legs and moved his body, but while Elder Corrales was taking out the money the drunk guy moved his body back in front of the door :D hahaha There are so many drunk people here its ridiculous

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