Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, January 27, 2014


So this week in the mission we had a zone conference with President and Sister Willard. It was super inspiring! I learned so many great things. All the conferences are in Spanish, and this time I was actually able to take spiritual notes and apply the things I heard! So that was really exciting :) Also we have really cool new change in the mission due to my work! I had a question about something one of the manuals said about taking multivitamins everyday for our health because I had been feeling a bit worn out, so I asked Sister Willard about it in our last zone conference. She said she would look into it but asked me to look around for them if I wanted. So i went to a whole bunch of different farmacias and found this one brand that was the best and cheapest, then i tested it and it´s actually made a difference in how I felt. I reported all this to Sister Willard and she was really grateful and suprised! So she took all the info I found to the church and they promised to reimburse our mission to provide all the missionaries with multivitamins from now on! So that was pretty exciting for me :) 

Also though this week we have an investigator with a solid baptismal date! Her name is Maria Mosa. She is an older lady who lives with her daughters and grandkids. We taught her a lesson, and the next day she came to church! She´s been to church the last three weeks every sunday, and this last sunday, I could see a change in her. :) She was happier, had more energy, more talkative. It was so cool to see, and she loves the church. It is so neat to see the change the Gospel can have in the lives of people :)


Mom: Oh my goodness!  How exciting! Did she have to walk a long way to get to church? I know you said it was pretty far away. That is so wonderful! And of course, as your mother I am worried that you've had low energy. Do you think you are not getting enough vitamins in your food, then? Have you been sick from the food a lot? Are you getting enough to eat? Are you feeling down because of trials? It is so neat that you've blessed the lives of others by finding a vitamin that works! I am so proud of you. You have always been a strong leader. Exciting that you are understanding the language so well now!!!

Josh: No I´m doing a lot better now since the vitamins :) Walking around in the heat really sucks the energy out of you, but its all good now. I have plenty now. The most important things are exercising in the morning and eating breakfast so I´ve pretty much figured it all out. :) And I eat plenty haha that isn´t a problem :D I still can´t speak it worth a darn though, grammar kicks my butt :(

Mom: Haha!  It'll come. I'm glad you've figured it out. When you were set apart as a missionary president Evans blessed you that you would have good health. I'm proud of you for figuring out what your body needs so that you can do His work.

Josh: He blessed me with that???? Haha no wonder I´m so healthy, i´ve really had like no problems! i´ve just learned how to maximize my energy and focus throughout the day :)

Mom: Neat, huh? Remember to ask for priesthood blessings while you are there. Have you given any blessings out there?

Josh: I haven´t received any, but i gave three in the MTC and one here in the field. I got a christmas card and a picture from cindi! :) Make sure to tell her how much I loved it! :) Tell coltin to email me! :)

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