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Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy new years!!!

Hope you all had a great new years. So Elder Corrales and I both got transferred to a new area :D Thats not super normal but we are in the same zone. We are starting a brand new area. Antofagasta 3. So in our ward there are a total of 6 missionaries! haha and two district leaders and the zone leaders :D We are now in between the 4th and 6th rings, and our area has nothing! No investigators, no members, no nothing. haha so lucky me for getting the experience of opening a new area. There is a lot of mud here. My shoes are just an absolute wreck. Always :D haha and its been raining a ton the last week. One day we were just totally soaked. Soooo wet. At first it wasn´t fun, but it got better. There new ward is really great, really motivated for missionary work! So thats good. And we changed homes, we are living with two of the other elders in our ward, Elder West and Elder Ramos, and Elder West is another district leader. Its been a lot of fun :D
So starting a new area is a little rough. We pretty much just have to talk to anyway that comes our way. Also our area is super long, so walking takes forever. From most parts of our area to our house is about a 30 minute walk. To the church also in the other direction. So we just walk and walk and walk :D
Sending pictures isn't working today. The internet is really bad.
And no the house we have now is really big. Big enough for two more elders, so we all have different rooms. Elder West is from Utah, (they all are :D) and yeah we talk in english sometimes. There are things you just cant say in spanish! :D haha That is good for him. He´ll get a ton better from it. I´m really excited to get my packages!

And yes Elder corrales is still my companion. haha yeah it is pretty great. we actually have a kitchen! :D Allrighty my time is up, so I love you lots! :) have a great week and say hello to everyone for me! :) Time sure is flying. Love you, talk to you next week!


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