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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas wishes (1)

So here is a bit about my week, Elder Corrales and I participated in a stake activity in our ward, Pirai, we did a little theater/play. It was about the birth of Christ. There was a grandma talking to her grandkids about the importance of the Savior in their lives. So there was a scene of a millionaire and his wife, an artista (movie star or other famous people) and a Politico (politician) I was the artista, E.C. was the Politico :D I had some cool shades and my hair was done up and i had jeans and t shirt, (and my plaque of course :D) So all these people were entering a hotel, and the desk person kept commenting on how important these people were, then the next scene was of us three all searching for someone. Someone way more important than us. Then the next was us worshipping the newborn Jesus. and it was just about how even all these super important people even worshipped the Savior. That He was far more important. Then we ended with Away in a Manger, I sang one verse solo, and it was super fun :) we found out after it was a competition, and that our ward got 1st place! We left early because our 9 o'clock bedtime :D ´There were a total of 8 wards too. Haha also a miracle because we only practiced like one time and hour and a half before :D It was super great. Every day here is better. :)
And in response to an email I sent:
I actually sang a song here too! La Primera Navidad with Elder Corrales and the Hermanas in our zone. It was really good. We sang it for our Christmas conference as missionaries and also for our ward (we have a trio of sisters in our ward).
And here is a picture of Elder Corrales and I, and the Hermanas that sang La Primera Navidad with us. Hermana Johns, Segovia and Huaman. They are the ones in our ward. But in the other district. Tons of fun :)

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