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Monday, February 23, 2015

A letter to President Willard

This is my letter that I sent to President willard this morning, I
thought I´d share. :)

To be honest, this was a hard transfer for me. It was full of
miracles, but also full of many trials and low points. I feel like I
grew and learned a great deal though. At times I felt completely
worthless, as if all my efforts came out to nothing, and at other
times I rejoiced in the works and wonders of the Lord. I thought we
were going to have more baptisms and reactivations than we did.. The
enemy worked hard against us and our investigators. Very hard. The
last two weeks have been especially hard.
I can say with full confidence that I did my best to help Elder Jones.
I tirelessly strived to help him and teach him; give him opportunities
to teach and grow as well. But I often felt like I was just hitting a
brick wall most of the time. He has just struggled greatly between
doing what he wants and what the Lord wants. I struggled for a time
with that as well, so I understood. But for that reason it was a
difficult transfer for me. Haha it was a battle every day.. But the
Lord is teaching me many things. But I know I did my best President.
Thank you for helping him as well, he really liked the chapters you
gave him, it was interesting because my personal study of Alma 46-48
was about a really similar topic.  I love how the Spirit works 
I love being a missionary. I know this work is true. Enduring to the
end is the fun part. I know it isn´t always easy, but it is possible.
And it can be wonderful! It should be! I glory in the gospel. There is
nothing I love more than diving into the Book of Mormon and feeling
the Spirit communicate the Love of God to me. It changes the worst
moments, when you feel alone, to moments of peace and revelation. I
know Jesus Christ is my Savior and that His way is the only way to
happiness in this life and life eternal in the next.
Have a wonderful week President!
Elder Evenson

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