Baptism in Vallegrande

Monday, December 15, 2014


I got to talk in sacrament this week! I talked about the Book of Mormon and Pride though. I based if off of a few scriptures, mainly Mormon 8: 34-41, Mosiah 3:19 4:10-11, and Moroni 9:37. i talked about how the purpose of the Book of Mormon is to help us in our times. The Nephites and Lamanites never had it, Mormon put it together for us. He tailor-made it according to the needs of our day and our trials and temptations. The scriptures in Mormon 8 explain so clearly our days! :D So we should always have that in mind as we read the Book of Mormon; it´s for us! It´s like what Elder Uchtdorf talked about in one of his talks from this last conference, ¨Lord, is it I?¨ Many times we disclude ourselves when we say, the Book of Mormon is for us, or Jesús suffered for our sins. When truly those words should have deep personal meaning for us. The Lord loves the world, and yet focuses on the one. Something incredible that I wish to emulate in my life. I wish to be able to find the needs of one person in need and then help them, whether spiritually or temporally, even it is as small of a deed as a kind Word or a smile. Those things do make a difference. :) Taking the time to help someone new at church feel comfortable can be all the difference in coming back.
Something interesting about my week: sometimes people here when they see us walking down the street will make the cross sign at us, so that means that they are wanting to ward off demons... I saw that like 8 times yesterday. So that´s fun. We taught 29 lessons this week, one short of our goal. And actually, yes! I used all your decorations and the house is christmassy :D haha I love it. 
I do get the American dollars, and all my companions have received them, but now they just sit in a pile :D Maybe I should give them to Ward members :D And some places do accept our money, but I can always go to the bank and switch out the money. some ATMs give the option of taking out american dollars. That sounds really cool! about the sd cards :D I would love it!

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