Baptism in Vallegrande

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A surprise baptism!

Happy Thankgiving I think! haha I´m not sure if that´s now or when, but President Willard said that it was!

So we had a suprise baptism this week!!! Luis, the older brother of Noé, just didn´t want to be baptized. He fought against it so much. hahaha we always asked him when he´d be baptized and always replied he didn´t want to. But when he went to the baptism of his little brother, he decided that he actually did want to be baptized!! We also actived his father, so we really saved the whole family :) So we were super happy!

And the father just got a calling as the secretary of the Elder´s Quorum. So we were really happy :)
We also went on Pday to this place called  ¨El Chorro¨ which means the stream. It was like a 3 hour hike there and back and it was really cool. It was up a canyon, so it was beautiful. And there was a tunnel.


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